Try Something Different

Foam rollers don’t work. Lacrosse Balls don't either and holding stretches is just wasting your precious time. These things give you instant gratification but the real results are temporary. They'll make you feel like you have to hold stretches and smash your muscles for hours and yet, longterm it doesn’t pay off. There has to be a better way, right?

Primal is a “reverse-engineered” approach to mobility. We target the root cause instead of the symptoms, and incorporate unique mobility methods that will increase your ranges but also strengthen them so you can own them. The results? Short and long-term success for all kinds of people with all sorts of goals.

Our Secret Sauce


Build New Ranges

Building new ranges A.K.A Flexibility. This is the first step to truly owning your ranges of motion and lowering risk of injury.

Awareness & Connection

Awareness is to be able to understand how and where your body compensates for weaknesses. Connection is to connect to your ranges of motion and easily move through them.


Stability is the foundation of strength. To stabilize your R.O.M is to be able to withstand force (load) in a specific position. During stability work, you should be focusing on truly challenging your deepest ranges.


Put your new results to the test. Learn to control your body. As you start creating new ranges of motion, it may be challenging to control those ranges through movement. Practice challenging them and learning how to manage them.


Once you strengthen it, you own it. Strength is a crucial ingredient to long term results. Once you have built strength in your deepest ranges of motion, your aches and pains will begin to melt away and you will feel confidence in your movements.

Our Mission

To be the company that informs, educates and inspires people to take action on mobility to create a world free of pain.

We give badasses the power to take control of their body, and life while inspiring positive change in the world. 


If you can answer YES to any of these points, Primal Mobility is for you

  • You're tired of putting in hours of mobility work only to see no progress
  • You're not exactly sure where to start when it comes to mobility
  • Your sport performance has dramatically increased but you see so much more potential if you were to add a mobility program to your workout regime 
  • You have pain and mobility restrictions that impact your sport and everyday life
  •  You've tried so many things and nothing seems to last
  • You don't have time 
  • You're a go-getter and you don't like to stay stuck in your own excuses
  • You know there are other mobility programs out there, but you want something that will get you lasting results
  • You want to learn everything there is to know about mobility 
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