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The Fitness & Wellness Coaching World Is Crowded.

It's hard to stand out as a fitness professional when there's a coach on every block showing off the hottest new fitness and mobility trends. 

You need an upper hand and a unique niche to stand out and build a thriving business. 


The Mobility Industry Is Failing Your Clients.

Foam rolling, smashing and cheap online apps aren't resolving your clients' pain or improving their mobility. 

  • Give your clients the tools they need to train without pain
  • Help them improve performance and finally hit the PRs of their dreams
  • Stand out as THE coach who gets results

Become The Coach That Everyone Wants.

Build a thriving career in a rapid growing industry with the education, support and mentorship you need.

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“Thank you SOOOOO much for all the time and energy you guys have put into this certification!!! I have learned so incredibly much and am excited to put into practice what I've learned!!”

- Bethany, Personal Trainer/CrossFit in the United States

I just want to say out of all the various coaching certifications I've done over the 20+ years I've been involved in the fitness industry, this is the ONLY ONE that has had a section on how to actually coach. It's just kind of assumed you already know or you're given the impression that the human being behind the methodology you are trying to impart isn't really important. So thank you. THIS section right here is why I love teaching and coaching. And this gets so overlooked it's not even funny. So thank you for the time and the love put into this section

Melissa, Weightlifting Coach in the United States

Built For Fitness Professionals, By Professionals

Evidence-Based Mobility Framework

Created By Physical Therapists + Physio Therapists

Business Growth Coaching & Training

Learn From The Experts Who Are Reshaping The Mobility Industry

Unlike traditional online mobility programs, Primal Mobility will help you target the root cause of your clients’ pain and limitations.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients get insane results, and dozens of coaches build successful businesses.

I just wanted to give a general feedback of the overall impression I got so far; I am really enjoying the content, I find it super interesting and, most importantly, I feel like it has been put together very intentionally. I am currently also doing an online fitness trainer certification program, in which I sometimes get the impression that it’s just textbook knowledge put together. so in direct comparison I find the Primal coaching Certification easier to follow because it has more like a plot and is also not just stating facts for the learning to memorize, but giving a lot of examples, explanations etc. There has definitely been lots of expertise, but also lots of passion in creating this program!

- Gesa, Crossfit Coach in Germany

“I’ve learned so much in taking this course! It has not only allowed me to help my fellow runners, but it’s enabled me to use what I’ve learned to take my own mobility practice to the next level. It’s thorough yet broken down enough to be understood. It’s a “must-have” course for anyone that has a passion for helping others move better and get out of pain.”

Mandy, Running Coach in The United States

Get Live VIP Business Growth Coaching Valued Over $1500

Access three exclusive VIP group coaching calls with a marketing strategist and conversion copywriter to help grow your business from scratch!  

You’ll learn

  • How to find your first clients and start making money fast
  • How to build a pipeline of ideal clients
  • How to grow your business so you aren’t trading time for money
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Everything you need to build a career as a professional mobility coach, from world-class education to growing your business from scratch.

✓  World-Class Certifcation

Become a recognized mobility professional in your industry with world-class credentials and knowledge.

Value $5000

✓  Professional Coaching Mentorship

Learn how to get the most out of your clients, apply your knowledge in the real world, and deal with the challenges of coaching a varied client roster. 

Value $2000

✓  Nine Live Group Coaching Calls

Review case studies, ask questions and get support in our group huddles.

Value $1800

✓  The Primal Mobility Exercise Library

Get access to our growing library filled with hundreds of mobility exercise demos to use with your programs as well as for yourself.

Value $1000

✓  Community Support & Accountability

Access a powerful community of peers and experts who are invested in your success.

Value $500

✓  Worksheets, Playbooks and Templates

Access plug-and-play worksheets, assessments, playbooks and templates so you can start immediately with professional tools.

Value $500

Total Value: $10,800

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Stand Out In Your Gym Or Clinic

Position yourself as the go-to mobility expert in your gym or clinic.

Become A Trusted Referral

Gain the trust of regulated professionals with a world-class education and get consistent referrals.

Grow A Thriving & Rewarding Career

Build a rewarding career in a growing industry where you can stop worrying about finding that next client.

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“LOVE understanding how wrist pain can have poor dorsiflexion of ankles as a root cause… That example was great. Fascinating!”

- Ellie, Previous Crossfit Affiliate Owner in South Africa

First of all, I‘d like to stress that all these principles make so much sense to me! This makes a very solid and sound foundation for mobility training!

- Gesa, Crossfit Coach in Germany


Module #1 Anatomy & Biomechanics

Learn to see and understand how the muscles and joints within the human body work cohesively together to perform the most popular movement patterns 
  • The fundamentals of muscle & joint anatomy
  • Movement function and the corresponding musculature of each major joint
  • Loading spinal flexion
  • Knee-over-toe mechanics
  • Physiology of stretching
  • ROM capabilities

Module #2 The Primal Method

Uncover Primal Mobility’s 5-pillar methodology that has been proven to work with over 3000 athletes. We’ll teach you how to take your clients from feeling tight, sore, and limited, to free, strong, and confident
  • The fine details of the 5 Primal Pillars
  • A logical and proven progression strategy to bring a client through their mobility journey
  • What makes you unique as a Primal Mobility Certified Coach
  • 9 Primal Techniques: How & when to use them

Module #3 Movement

You’ll learn the fine details of how various movement patterns place different mobility demands on the human body according to load positioning. We discuss the nuances of the squat, overhead press/HSPU, bench press, pushup, and more!
  • Squat Stance
  • Breakdown of 5 popular squat patterns 
  • Mobility demands based on barbell placement 
  • The Bar Path Rule
  • Fundamentals of the Overhead position
  • Barbell Racking mobility requirements
  • Common mobility faults and their causes 

Module #4 Primal Assessments

Discover limitations within your clients' biomechanics that are holding them back from moving and feeling their best. We will walk you through the Primal Assessment Protocol of 9 different assessment tests, so you feel confident building your world-class mobility programs.
  • The Primal Mobility Assessment Protocol
  • 9 assessment tests to understand your clients' limitations from head to toe
  • How to perform each test
  • What to look for in each test
  • Common testing compensations
  • Executing the assessment

Module #5 Program Design

Prepare to put together world-class mobility programs time and time again. We’ll talk about the various ways to implement progressive overload and progressions so you can feel confident helping any client, regardless of their current mobility situation.
  • Different types of routines
  • How to apply volume, rest, and intensity
  • Progressive Overload Principles
  • How to structure mobility cycles based on the primal method
  • How to Build Mobility Programming Templates

Module #6 Coaching

Coaching is more than simply a career path, it is an art. We approach the art of coaching as a craft that is to be mastered, and this module will make you feel more confident about taking your mobility knowledge to the market, regardless of your experience level.
  • How to pair assessment with consultations to better understand the ideal approach
  • Understanding your client and what will help them succeed and why they may fail
  • How to communicate effectively with your client
  • What makes a great coach
  • How to master your craft as a coach
  • How to navigate challenging communication situations

Module #7 Pain

Breaking down the 4 most common types of pain that you will encounter on your journey as a mobility coach. You'll learn how to approach them, what to avoid, what the likely root cause is, and a simple guide to begin resolving the issue at hand. 
  • The 4 most common types of pain (Shoulder, low back, hip, knee)
  • How to approach pain progressively
  • Assessing for each of the 4 common pain points
  • Fundamentals of coaching/programming for the 4 common pain points
  • What to avoid with each of the 4 common pain points

Post Grad Module Business Growth & Marketing

How to identify a unique niche and grow your coaching business from scratch.
  • Identify your ideal clients and craft a powerful marketing message that attracts them
  • How to create an irresistible offer and build a website sales page that actually sells
  • How to close your first few clients and build a funnel that attracts new ones while you focus on coaching.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident with this life-changing program that we are proud to offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy for any reason with the quality of our program, just ask for your money back.

Most Mobility Certifications Give You A Few Tools And Then Send You On Your Way.

But knowing whether to use a hammer or a wrench is just as important as having both in your toolbox. The Primal Mobility Coaching Certification provides you with everything you need to assess, coach, get your client’s results, AND grow your business. 

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