Group Mobility Coaching Membership To Help Barbell Athletes Perform Better, Recover Faster And Resolve Their Pain.


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Improved Performance

Pain Management

Accountability & Proven Approach

Workouts just aren't as much fun  when pain and mobility keep holding you back.

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Get back to loving and crushing workouts. 

Ditch the hours of aimless stretching for a strength-based mobility program that has you leaving workouts feeling amazing.  

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“If you are living with hip pain or other pain (knees, ankles, etc) you do not have to! I found an amazing mobility program that has done absolute wonders for me in 4 short weeks. I had hip pain/tightness when I would squat and every morning when I crawled out of bed. It has literally almost completely subsided my pain within 4 weeks!! And a bonus is my squat depth is now insane!”

- Danielle Seth Young

“In 4 years of CrossFit I’ve NEVER been able to overhead squat…this may be an 8kg training bar and my legs are fairly wide but I did it!”

- Hannah Brown, CrossFitter

The LAST Mobility Program You'll Need

Proven Mobility Program

Increase your flexibility and lower your risk of injury with daily mobility programming that takes 15-20 minutes per day.

Online Platform & Easy To Use App

We go where you go, so you can do your mobility anywhere and everywhere.  Access your programming & our entire exercise library of over 150+ exercises.

Understand The WHY

Science-based recommendations from your coach and personalized strategies to help you build confidence in your own mobility.

Accessory Programming

3 Accessory tracks targeting the primal big three, so you have the opportunity to work on your specific weaknesses.


Access to ALL of our coaches and their expertise (some of which are physiotherapists) and get LIFETIME access to our private members-only group  - where we do continuing education and live Q&As.

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“I’ve tried a bunch of those mobility apps, but they didn’t help. My squat wouldn’t get anywhere near parallel. I’m so so happy with my progress! If you’re doubting to get on this program: JUST GO FOR IT. You won’t regret it.”

- Jeunnesse D, European CrossFitter & Weightlifter

“My results have been mind-blowing. In a short time, I’ve been able to see and feel immediate mobility gains. I’ve tried basically everything else out there and Primal Mobility is hands down the best thing I’ve come across. Trust me, don’t wait, come join us!”

Mike A, Canadian CrossFitter

How do I know if TeamPrimal is right for me?

If you can answer YES to any of these points, TeamPrimal is for you.

  • You're tired of putting in hours of mobility work with no progress
  • You're not exactly sure where to start but know that the aimless stretching isn’t working
  • You have pain and mobility restrictions that impact your sport and everyday life
  • You’re ready to take control of your mobility and commit to a program
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Group Mobility Programming and Coaching

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  • #PrimalWOD: Daily Mobility Programming - 15-20 minutes per day to transform your life.
  • 3 Accessory Tracks: Targeting the primal big three, so you have the opportunity to work on your specific weaknesses
  • Dedicated Mobility Coach to provide mobility coaching & support as you blast through plateaus and resolve your pain
  • Access to ALL of our Coaches and their expertise (some of which are physiotherapists)
  • Members-only Facebook Group with a family-like community invested in your success.
  • Month-to-month membership (no contracts) so there’s nothing to lose!
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Your Investment

You’ve probably spent a small fortune on foam rollers, massages and fancy apps. Resolving your pain, blasting through your mobility limitations and feeling at your best is priceless

Your Team Primal membership is ONLY $97 per month.

  • Month-to-month membership with no contract
  • Dedicated mobility coach to hold you accountable
  • The solution to your mobility challenges
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Pick your coach below. Can’t pick one? No problem. Scroll down and let us choose.

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Complete your payment and short intake form.

Step 3

Access your Team Primal Programming and get to work.

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Pick Your Coach

Coach Bekah

Coaching Olympic Weightlifters to move pain-free and perform at their best in training and competition.

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Coach V

Coaching CrossFitters to break through their training and competition plateaus by resolving pain and limitations so they can achieve their fitness goals.

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Coach Chelsea

Coaching CrossFitters and Bodybuilders to reduce pain and limitations while making mobility a natural part of their daily routine.

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Coach Lisa

Coaching Powerlifters to squat heavy and hit depth and helping CrossFitters overcome shoulder injuries and limitations so they can compete at their best.

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Coach Sara

Coaching functional fitness athletes to recover from injuries and mobility limitations so they can get back to training at their best.

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Coach Sibu

Coaching busy everyday gym goers and bodybuilders to resolve chronic pain and make mobility a part of their lifestyle so they can live, train and compete pain-free.

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Coach Rachel

Giving Powerlifters and Gymnasts the tools they need to reduce the risk of injury from training and improve their mobility so they can bring their A-Game to every workout and competition.

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